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Workshops, Seminars and Keynotes

Skill up in behavioural techniques

My seminars and workshops bring behavioural techniques to life. 

It's about getting stuff done to improve your business, not just being better informed.

Not only does Bri have an incredible depth of expertise, but she is able to share it in a clear and engaging way."


Rob Engels


Get hands-on with behavioural techniques. Learn such things as:

  • What Behavioural Economics is and how it creates immediate value for you
  • Where most businesses go wrong and how to get influence right
  • How to analyse behavioural challenges 
  • Designing behavioural solutions 

Applied Behavioural Techniques workshops include 2 day, 1 day or half-day options.

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Seminars and Keynotes

Keynotes, seminars and webinars and a perfect way to whet the appetite for applied behavioural science. Available in 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute sessions.

Bri’s presentation ‘Lazy, Scared, Overwhelmed: Behavioural Economics and the Modern Customer’ at Mumbrella 360 was by far one of the most insightful and useful presentations of the conference.


Andrew Parker
National Australia Bank

Popular topics include:

  • Lazy, Scared and Overwhelmed: Why people don't take action (and what to do instead) 
  • Future Proofing your profession: Using behavioural science to make you indispensible
  • Unthink: Changing the game by working with, rather than against, how humans are wired
  • Compelling communications: How to get the response you want to emails and letters 

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What clients have said about my sessions

The Bootcamp was so enjoyable, actionable and compelling. It FINALLY all came together for me and made damn sense! Well done. You are a great presenter and communicator. I’ll be recommending you to so many people!


Melissa Gilson
Strategic Research and Planning Consultant

Bri recently delivered an excellent introduction to the fundamentals of Behavioural Economics to all levels of employees across our agencies. Our employees really enjoyed the session and we look forward to having Bri back again to dive in deeper to this topic with us. I would highly recommend this seminar for any business who is concerned about the necessity of behavioural principles and wants to get an overview from a dynamic speaker of how it works, what it involves, available tools, and great examples.


Rita Dengate
HR Director CMG

Bri was recently invited to give our team a grounding in the fundamentals of behavioural economics; its scope and application. Her presentation was helpfully tailored to our unique needs as a research consultancy and gave us some really interesting new ways of looking at brands and consumers and the world they inhabit. Not only does Bri have an incredible depth of expertise, but she is able to share it in a clear and engaging way, replete with some wonderfully engaging anecdotes from the field.

Rob Engels
Director, Cultural Insights FiftyFive5

I wanted to say a massive thank you for the training. I can honestly say I walked away feeling more interested in BE and 'smarter' after spending time with you on the course - it was wonderful!

Susan Tannock
Golden Door Health Retreat

I'd love to bring behavioural techniques alive for you and your team, so to discuss your workshop or seminar needs Contact Me.