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Behaviourally effective websites

Stop your website leaking money.

...the number of people signing up for my newsletters has doubled while my conversion rate has increased by half over again. Bri has made a big difference to how people interact with my website. I would definitely recommend her!


Elizabeth Ball
It's In The Stars

Behaviourally effective websites

Most of the websites I visit are leaking money and yours might be one of them. Out of every 100 people who visit an average website, only 5 are becoming customers (Online retaling Australia Forrester Research). Worse still, 3 out of every 10 online shopping carts are getting abandoned. Something is broken.

There are 5 key elements that most websites are failing to deliver. Starting with an audit of your site's strengths and weakness, I will show you how to use behavioural techniques to increase your conversions for your digital properties including Websites, Mobile sites and Apps.

If you think you can do it yourself, think again."


Chris Ciardi

Behavioural Audit

Get the answers for where your site is letting you down

If you want to understand where your website is leaking money page by page, this detailed and comprehensively documented review includes;

  • 30 minutes objectives discussion by phone
  • identifying and detailing areas of weakness with suggestions on what you need to prioritise
  • confirming for you how badly broken your site is or is not
  • a detailed report and slidepack (usually around 40-70 items to address)
  • 90 minute web conference debrief, recorded in mp4 for your later reference

Available for $1875 ex gst and can usually be turned around in only 5 working days. Contact me to arrange a review of your site.

In the space of 90 minutes, Bri’s innovative ‘Website Effectiveness Behavioral Audit’ presentation has changed the thinking of our entire management team. We are now on the road to a more collaborative, intuitive and dynamic approach to not only our website, but to our entire marketing strategy.


Steve Nailer
It's Secon Freight Logistics

Live Website Review Session

Prefer an even faster insight into your website? Watch me analyse your site live.

  • Structured live review of your website
  • Full 60 minutes with time for questions and discussion
  • Unlimited number of attendees so you can have as many of your team participate as you wish
  • Session is recorded as a video in mp4 which you can share and review as often as you like

Available for only $595 ex gst and can usually be scheduled within 2 days. Contact me to arrange a live review of your site.

Website Effectiveness seminars

If you are a business owner who wants to learn what your site should and shouldn't do to be effective, check out:

Four reasons why what I do is different

I sometimes get asked why what I do is different. Here are four reasons;

1. Science not opinion

I’m interested in making your website as behaviourally effective as it can be, so my recommendations are based on the application of behavioural science rather than opinion.

2. Pragmatic and tactical

In many cases my recommendations will involve tweaking rather than overhauling what you do. Don’t be put off thinking a review will result in a massive change; amending the language on a Call to Action may be all you need right now to increase conversions.

3. Impartial advice

My recommendations are impartial and motivated purely by influencing your customer’s behaviour to drive sales and sign-ups. I have no vested interest in how many pages or graphics you need so you can rest assured that your scope will not be padded unnecessarily.

4. Behaviourally effective copywriting

Copywriters write to clarify, marketers write to sell, I write to buy. In other words, language needs to be used to get your customer to buy into what you are asking so they will take action. There’s a big behavioural difference between “save money” and “stop wasting money”… get in touch to find out which you should use.

Maxinet approached People Patterns to analyse our landing page, purely on the basis of Bri’s blogs. In our initial contact, Bri so impressed me that we engaged her immediately. The report we received was comprehensive and clinical, and provided clear actions for us to work on. If you think you can do it yourself, think again.


Chris Ciardi