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Behavioural Tips

An occasional series from me where I talk through key behavioural issues and tips.

Buiding Better Loyalty Programs

In this podcast I talk about the behavioural principles you need to consider if you are thinking about a customer loyalty program.


Find out why certainty is such a big deal.


Have you been suckered by four website conventions that might be undermining your conversion? In "Rethinking 4 Conventions" I tell you what the four conventions are and why they may be a problem.

In the "Me, Them and There" mini podcast I tackle the three contexts marketers need to understand to affect behavioural change.

And here's one on the "3 reasons people don't make decisions" which runs for less than 5 minutes.

If you have any troubling accessing the file you can also find it at on Soundcloud here.

The Spitball Podcast

What's Spitball? A podcast where me and a couple of other specialists spit out ideas and see what sticks!

Productivity - we all talk about it but what actually works? Here Hamish, Robyn and Bri talk about tools they have used to improve their productivity.

The Changing Face of Competition runs for about 28 minutes and we talk through new sources of competition, the challenge of constant disruption and the rise of free.

The monthly podcast is a collaboration with two of my most favourite and trusted colleagues, Robyn Haydon who is a big strategy expert from Winning Words and Hamish Riddell from Kumbayah Consulting who transforms workplaces through cultural change.

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