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Mastering habits

How to Master Your Habits

Why don't you always do what you want to?

Why is it that even though we might know what we should do, and even want to, it's so difficult to make and break habits?

40% of what we do each day is the same as most other days - same time, same place, same routine and that means it's our habits to guide what, how and when we eat, drink, exercise and work. In other words, habits underpin how we live our lives everyday.

That means you want to make sure you have good ones and ditch the bad ones, right?

Behavioural science has the answers about why you undermine yourself and I have the answers about how to change for the better.

I highly recommend Bri as an ambassador of change to enable you or your business to identify how to start making new habits for a more rewarding life."


Julie Vella
Success Train

Habits for Individuals

The trick to redesigning your life is to break your habits down into small elements. From there we can reprogram your behaviour, playing to your strengths so it doesn’t feel difficult.

Habits Inventory

Want to know which habits you need to work on? Try the free Habits Inventory tool below and see how well your habits stack up. Results and tips will be emailed immediately to you.


Coaching program

Join me for a one-on-one coaching program (in person or via video conference) that will help you make the changes you want.

How of Habits, the book

Use the self-guided How of Habits plan to take control of your habits. 

Or why not learn about habits in one of my popular webinars or seminars?

Habit hacks: How to trick yourself to healthier habits (seminar)

  • Despite best intentions we often do things that are not good for us. Eating too much, drinking too much and exercising too little for a start. Find out how to hack your habits to trick yourself into doing the right thing more of the time. Available as seminar. Email me to find out more.

The How of Habits: How to make and break habits (seminar/webinar)

  • Habits are the foundation of a healthy life, yet making good ones and breaking bad ones is hard. Find out the simple reason you may have struggled in the past and what to do differently this time. Available as seminar or webinar. email me to find out more.

To find out more about Habits for Individuals please get in touch.

Habits for Health and Fitness Professionals

For those at the coal face of behaviour change, you more than most need to have the process and skills to shape the habits of your clients. You can find out about my "Habits for Health Professionals" workshop here, or get in touch and I can talk you through the seminars and coaching services I provide.

Habits for Businesses

If you are interested in habits on behalf of your business you are probably looking for one of two reasons:

  • you want to change the habits of your target market
  • you want to change the habits of your team

In either case I am here to help.

Changing customer habits

The holy grail for marketers is to become your customer's habit. It means you are at less risk of substitution and better placed to increase lifetime value.

Changing staff habits

Workplaces either thrive or stagnate on the strength of the habits and routines adopted by staff. By helping your team establish healthier habits you will enjoy the benefits of a happier, more productive workforce.

To find out more please get in touch.

Golden Door Corporate Program

I am lucky enough to work closely with the team at Golden Door Health Retreat and Spa, Elysia as one of their Affiliated Practitioners. To find out more visit the Golden Door website or get in touch with me directly.