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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

30 Apr 2018

Make de-prioritising a priority

Most organisations set themselves up to fail by nominating an unrealistic number of strategic priorities. Staff burnout, quality gets compromised and life feels hard. If that sounds like your organisation, here are some ideas on how to make de-prioritisation a priority....

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23 Apr 2018

Handwritten typefaces can increase sales of indulgent products

New research has found "handwritten" typeface has an impact on product perceptions and sales...

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16 Apr 2018

Taking charge of smartphone habits

We already know it's annoying when other people use their phones at dinner, right? Well, it's also not great for the person using the phone, as new research attests...

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09 Apr 2018

Swiping right on product images

Swiping left or right is becoming a common gesture. We know it impacts people preferences, but what about products? ...

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26 Mar 2018

Two-speed consumers

Why you should stop plumping the cushions of human behaviour and turn attention to the foundations of what makes people really tick...

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19 Mar 2018

Arming your advocate: How to influence someone to influence someone else

What happens when you can't be there to influence an outcome? How can you best arm your advocate, and does that mean using facts or feelings to persuade?...

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12 Mar 2018

Carrot or stick with your latte? Why fees can beat discounts when influencing customer behaviour

Are you better to penalise undesirable behaviour, or reward desirable? Starbucks is about to find out...

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05 Mar 2018

Disentangling urgent vs. important tasks

While theory says we prioritise important tasks over those that are urgent, that's not what the behavioural research suggests...

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02 Mar 2018

Radio interview: Will the Starbucks fee on disposable cups work?

Behavioural expert and founder of People Patterns Bri Williams joined Adam Straney on The Good Life to talk about whether people will use reusable cups if it meant cheaper coffee and other incentives....

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26 Feb 2018

Productivity hacks from a health retreat

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, right? I was recently presenting and guesting at one of Australia's best health retreats, which gave me the chance to reflect on my work and lifestyle habits. Here are four tips about how you can optimise your time and productivity....

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