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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

25 Jun 2012

Being a devil: Influencing your buyer's willpower

If youve ever been on a diet you will know that we are really good at tricking ourselves into acts of indulgence. Here are a few business lessons from the behavioural science of indulgence. ...

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04 Jun 2012

What business are you in?

If I asked you what business you are in, what would you say? Consulting, retail, manufacture, accounting, health...Well youre wrong, kind of. You see I think you are in the business of behavioural change because everyday you are influencing people to do something. Buy, sell, read, write, talk, type, click, swipe, walk, run, turn up. Each of us everyday has the task of influencing others to move from one state to another, and thats why behavioural economics is such an opportunity; its a playbook on what you need to do....

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12 May 2012

Like Demi and Mariah, your product does have a best side

Just like a couple of our favourite celebrities, products have a good side too....

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02 Apr 2012

The Top 10 Slap Down: Why you need Behavioural Economics

My most popular post of all time. Strap yourself in for my top ten reasons why you need to know about Behavioural Economics. More slap down than count down, prepare to be insulted! You need Behavioural Economics because... ...

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20 Mar 2012

Getting your bills paid: The persuasive power of a smiley face

Bills. We all get them and all businesses send them so lets look at what you can do to encourage on-time payment using the lessons of Behavioural Economics. After all, Im sure youve got better things to do than chase late paying customers?...

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01 Jul 2011

Why the chicken crossed the road? The Behavioural Economist knows

You might have read a bit about Behavioural Economics on this blog and around the traps and wondered whether it is worth knowing more. The answer is yes. And to make it come to life, lets use the age old question why did the chicken cross the road? to illustrate how Behavioural Economics can help us understand why customers do what they do. The story (most second most highly read blog ever) goes a little like this... ...

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01 Jan 2011

Links to archived blog posts

I cut over from my faithful blog to the site you are on now in January 2013, and whilst the most popular posts have made the journey you can find a list of links to others here. I hope you enjoy....

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