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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

15 Oct 2012

Innovative packaging bridges analogue and digital divide

How to simplify the experience of using unfamiliar technology? This was the question resolved by Vitamins Design Consultants on behalf of Samsung who were interested in selling more smart phones to older consumers....

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09 Oct 2012

Learning from a botched loyalty program request

I was at a well known tea retailer the other week, at the register ready to pay. Would you like to join our loyalty program? asked the sales assistant. Heres how it went down......

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03 Oct 2012

Bayside Business Network seminar: 22 Minutes to a Better Business

22 MINUTES TO A BETTER BUSINESS: How Behavioural Economics Can Help You Tackle Everyday Issues Monday, 8 October 2012 | 6pm -7.45pm Behavioural Economics explains why we behave the way we do, providing you with a guidebook on how to tackle everyday business issues. And the best bit is that its fun! ...

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01 Oct 2012

How a Freemium site got me to upgrade

Ive been in the market for webinar software and came across via a search engine. A few elements of their business model appealed as examples of behavioural techniques in play....

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26 Sep 2012

Putting B__S__ into business: My new webinars

Im pleased to announce my two new webinars on the use of B__S__ (Behavioural Science) in business. Join me from from the comfort of your office whilst chewing on a sandwich to learn about what influences buyer behaviour. I guarantee you will learn things you will use for the rest of your life....

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24 Sep 2012

A beer lesson in "Consumption design" for behavioural influence

Some great examples have popped up recently of how the behaviour of buyers can be influenced by the physical experience that goes with consumption - lets call it consumption design. Too speedy on the beer-y? It might be the glass Hey, theres an excuse for guzzling that beer...the glass is curved! Researchers at the University of Bristol (and by the way, kudos for pitching that to the research board!) found that people tend to drink more quickly out of curved glasses because it is harder to gauge how much has been consumed....

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17 Sep 2012

Assimilate or disintegrate: How your buyers respond to new information

In 2010 a new award was established in honour of founder Peter Bassett. The Peter Bassett Laser International Business of the Year Award is the top accolade in recognition of the best Laser business across both trades, electrical and plumbing, and Trans-Tasman....

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10 Sep 2012

Behavioural lessons from one of the best websites

My heart began to race. It was the last one and I knew there were four other interested buyers. No time to muck around, I better go in for the kill. Wheres my credit card?...

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03 Sep 2012

Just make a decision will you!!! Overcoming decision quicksand to get the sale

Youve been dealing with this customer for what seems like an eternity. On paper, the decision is an easy one, some might say trivial, and yet they cant seem to make up their mind. You are going around in circles, with them demanding more and more information and as a consequence, them getting more and more confused. Oh no! You are in decision quicksand!...

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23 Jul 2012

Lessons in behavioural economics from a small business owner

Find your happy place is what my photographer kept telling me as he snapped away for my website head shots. Well, I want you to find a happy place too by learning about how my photographer Con intuitively used behavioural economics to persuade me to buy his services. ...

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