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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

13 May 2013

Behaviourally Effective Websites part 5: The Effort: Reward Equation

We have arrived at the final piece of the 5 Essentials for a Behaviourally Effective Website, the Effort:Reward Equation, a pretty simple construct and its beauty is that you can apply it to any behaviourally situation - online or offline. Lets find out how....

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06 May 2013

Behaviourally Effective Websites Part 4: Asking for Action

Last week in part 3 we tackled Creating a Pathway on your website that will lead your visitor through your sales funnel. By this stage you have earned the right to ask them to explore your site because youve established confidence (part 1) and communicated that you understand the problem they are trying to solve (part 2). Now your task is to get your visitor to actually do something - read, download, click, call, email and even eventually buy. Lets look at how - and how not - to Ask for Action. ...

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29 Apr 2013

Behaviourally Effective Websites Part 3: Creating a Pathway

The hard part is over...kind of. Youve successfully used those precious seconds from the time someone lands on your site to Establish Confidence and Communicate Your Value. That means they are interested enough to stick around. So now that you have them, what are you going to do with them? Part 3 of building a behaviourally effective website is Creating a Pathway, so lets look at how....

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22 Apr 2013

Behaviourally effective websites Part 2: Communicating Value

Phew! Youve passed the first test in making your website behaviourally effective so that you maximize sales and sign-ups; youve established confidence in the mind of your website visitor so they know theyre on the right site and they think you are credible enough to consider. Now its up to you to communicate your value, so lets look at how....

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15 Apr 2013

Behaviourally effective websites part 1: Establishing Confidence

You have somewhere between 0.5 and 7 seconds to convince your website visitor to stay on your site. The first thing you need to lock in is Confidence, so lets look at how....

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08 Apr 2013

Stop being a victim to pathetic conversion rates

Whenever I talk to people about their websites there seems to be a sense of passive victimhood, a malaise about 2-5% conversion rates. We search for benchmark performance and sigh with relief that our website is around average. Well guess what? Average is pathetic....

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25 Mar 2013

Call or be called? Customer retention relies on who has 'hand'

I have just done the rounds of renegotiating my insurance and power contracts and its pretty clear that some businesses do it better than others when it comes to customer retention. Having arranged through a third party to move both my current car/home insurance and power to new providers, win back processes were triggered for both. But where one company successfully won me back the other did not. And price wasnt the issue - how they contacted me was. ...

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12 Mar 2013

Back in 5 Minutes

No doubt youve encountered signs on shop fronts that say theyll be back in 5 minutes, and as a retailer you may even have used a similar sign yourself. The problem is that such signs are written for the benefit of you as a business, not your customer....

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07 Mar 2013

5 Essentials for a Behaviourally Effective Website (free webinar)

Your website is probably leaking money. If you are frustrated that your website isnt working hard enough for you then join Bri Williams, specialist in buying behaviour and contributor to MarketingMag, Smartcompany and eZonomics for her free webinar 5 Essentials for a Behaviourally Effective Website. Find out where most websites go wrong when trying to convert visitors into customers and why the answer to increasing your sales and sign-ups lies in behavioural science. Why guess when you can know? ...

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04 Mar 2013

Smiley faces strike again! The business benefits of social acceptance

I was recently reminded of a strategy in the UK that halved the rate of speeding motorists. It wasnt a fine. It wasnt a change in the limit. It was a smiley face. Lets look at why it was persuasive and how you can apply this technique to your business....

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