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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

11 Feb 2013

A plan in the neck: Why having a plan can backfire

You just need to plan more! Having a goal and plan to get there is standard advice for those who want to achieve. As the saying goes, Fail to plan, plan to fail. So we plan our year, our week and our day. But research has recently suggested that planning can undermine our ability to succeed. So when should we plan not to plan? ...

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04 Feb 2013

Dud $1 Delivery

Last week I spotted a special offer being promoted by a large electrical goods retailer, $1 delivery on small and portable appliances. Sure its better than paying full price, but if you are going to discount down to $1 you are much better off making it free. Heres why......

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28 Jan 2013

How to Shop Smarter

In this article for eZonomics I cover two ways we trick ourselves into spending on items we havent budgeted for; first by ignoring exceptional expenses like Birthday presents and special occasion dinners and second, by overcoming any guilt associated with hedonic purchases by putting more effort into getting them. An extract of the article is included with a link to where you can read it....

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21 Jan 2013

The Price is Stuck

A while ago I watched an episode of The Price is Right, a game show where contestants guess the price of goods to win prizes, prizes, prizes. Im not proud of it and I realise this could mean a hit to my credibility, however I have chosen to out myself for a couple of reasons. First, I want to intellectualise the experience to make myself feel better, and second, showcase a critical behavioural principle that you think only appears on TV but actually appears everyday in your business. So come on down......

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01 Jan 2013

Welcome to my new website

Hello and welcome to the new online home for my behavioural consultancy, People Patterns. I am thrilled to introduce you to the site and a few of the key features....

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10 Dec 2012

Reducing no-shows: How to write effective appointment reminder messages

Reducing no-shows through behaviourally effective text messages. Not only do you reduce the risk of no shows, you demonstrate your commitment to providing customer service. In the space of only twenty words you can make decisions that will materially benefit the effectiveness of your message, your business and your customer. ...

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03 Dec 2012

The bowls club got their signage right

Proving the power of behaviourally effective language, heres an example I spotted of signage by my local bowls club. Free coaching and equipment immediately reduces potential anxiety amongst people who might be curious about lawn bowling but uncertain about how to get started. ...

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26 Nov 2012

What mangoes at the market teach us about buying behaviour

As an infrequent visitor to the fruit and veggie market I can find it quite overwhelming. Stall after stall of similar stock, vendors shouting their deals and a strange mix of market aficionados weaving through crowds with their trolleys and bags, and novices, bumping into things as we try to ingest all the information and walk at the same time. It reminds me of most online retailers - overwhelming those new to the website and designing for those who are already competent. So what can we learn from the behavioural techniques used by grocers to get people to buy? ...

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19 Nov 2012

Excel in behaviour, not just numbers: Why Behavioural economics is important for finance professionals

Ive been lucky enough to tour around the country with the CPA Congress in the past few weeks to talk about the application of Behavioural Economics to finance. Being a past beano, I know only too well that 1. businesses live and die by the numbers and 2. its really not about the numbers - its about the behaviour surrounding the numbers. Thats why its so important for finance professionals to understand behaviour if they want to significantly impact their business and their customers. ...

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12 Nov 2012

Opportunity knocks: getting your buyer to answer

In the past week Ive had two door knockers - those poor souls who have to go door to door to peddle their wares - attempt to win my business. One succeeded and one failed, and heres why. ...

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