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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

07 Oct 2013

Businesses don't run on numbers, they run on responses to numbers

Numbers are the point of truth for businesses; at the end of the day, all our plans and activities boil down to some digits on a financial statement. Numbers dominate meetings, keep people up at night and have the power to make us feel like its been a good day or not. But its not the numbers themselves that influence behaviour, its their meaning. As people in business we therefore need to understand what makes a number meaningful, and most importantly, the role we play in giving it meaning. ...

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30 Sep 2013

The stomach rules the head

I was listening to a talk by Tom Potter, founder of Eagle Boys Pizza the other day when he mentioned stomach oclock. That got me thinking about how decisions are influenced by our physical state - our tummies growling and our energy levels dropping and what this means for how we run our businesses....

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23 Sep 2013

The secret to business is knowing how to move elephants

In their wonderful change management book Switch Dan and Chip Heath popularised a metaphor first used in Jonathan Haidts The Happiness Hypothesis. Describing the two types of thinking both you and your customers use to navigate the world as The Elephant and the Rider, the metaphor is one of the most powerful tools Ive come across to explain where businesses typically go wrong in trying to get people to do stuff....

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09 Sep 2013

The bamboozling burrito offer

A friend sent through this cheeky picture of a sign for a burrito special. Buy one burrito for the price of two and get one free! Huh? Talk about putting a spin on your pricing... ...

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02 Sep 2013

How seating arrangements influence customer decision-making

If youve never before worried about how to arrange chairs in a meeting room or office, time to start. Researchers have recently found that whether chairs are in a circle or square can impact your ability to influence your customers, so take a seat and read on....

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16 Aug 2013

Too much, too soon

I was shopping for a bike the other day, went into the shop and before I could even work out which bike did what, they were in my face asking me whether I wanted to buy it. Umm. No. Goodbye. Oh, by the way did I forget to mention that the shop I was visiting was online?...

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05 Aug 2013

Should you place the image on the left or right?

Ever seen banner or print ads with before and after photos? On which side should the pictures be placed, right or left? Some recent research gives us the answer....

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29 Jul 2013

Shutting the door on the decision can help customer satisfaction

Choosing is hard. Even once a decision has been reached there can be that annoying little niggle in your brain that questions whether youve really made the right choice. Before you know it, the bloom is off the rose and you feel slightly less excited about your new purchase. As a business, thats not what you want your customers to go through so heres how to close the door on post-choice regret....

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22 Jul 2013

What's wrong with this packaging?

I was on the search the other week for washing detergent for dark clothes. It had been recommended to me as black wash and while I didnt know the brand I was committed to finding it amongst the array of options presented in the supermarket aisle. Black wash... I recited to myself as I stepped down the row. So what did they do wrong?...

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08 Jul 2013

How to get a banner ad right: Lessons from a Not-for-Profit

Always on the look out for behaviourally effective examples from market, a Save the Children ad caught my eye last week. ...

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