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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

21 Nov 2013

Interview with me about why I do what I do

I felt like I was getting dumber. Yes, a direct quote of mine in a recent interview about why I do what I do....

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15 Nov 2013

Protecting your business from dishonesty

Last week article I covered how its not the dishonesty of few bad apples that you need to worry about in your business. Now its time to protect your business with tips from behavioural science....

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08 Nov 2013

George Costanza tells the truth about lies

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry attempted to beat a lie detector test so that he wouldnt have to admit watching Melrose Place? Jerry turned to his notoriously slippery friend George for advice, and this is why George was right......

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04 Nov 2013

Melbourne Cup Day behavioural hijinks

Melbourne Cup Day, probably the strangest public holiday we have in Australia where Melburnians are granted a day off because some horses race around a track. And we love it! Combining champagne and education, here are two behavioural biases that will be obvious on the day, whether you are on the track or watching from a distance....

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28 Oct 2013

Micro-moments are the difference between winning and losing customers

Micro-moments can make or break a business. They seem like tiny details, but the choices you make about how to communicate something to your customer will be the difference between winning or losing. Unfortunately for this hotel they botched a micro-moment with me and heres why....

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21 Oct 2013

Reducing the Pain of Payment

Theres been some press lately on the move by Visa and Mastercard to eradicate signatures, meaning consumers could only use their PIN to authorise a payment. The Reserve Bank of Australia seems persuaded by the argument that this will help to reduce card fraud, but I thought it would be interesting to turn attention to what it may do to the behaviour of consumers....

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14 Oct 2013

Don't blame user error, your Calls to Action suck

Calls to Action are the real test of whether you have nailed your website. Recently I wrote about common traps when it comes to designing Calls to Action (CTA), and why Asking for Action is the fourth of five essentials to a behaviourally effective website. Now its time to learn some lessons in what not to do with the help of four examples from market....

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07 Oct 2013

Businesses don't run on numbers, they run on responses to numbers

Numbers are the point of truth for businesses; at the end of the day, all our plans and activities boil down to some digits on a financial statement. Numbers dominate meetings, keep people up at night and have the power to make us feel like its been a good day or not. But its not the numbers themselves that influence behaviour, its their meaning. As people in business we therefore need to understand what makes a number meaningful, and most importantly, the role we play in giving it meaning. ...

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30 Sep 2013

The stomach rules the head

I was listening to a talk by Tom Potter, founder of Eagle Boys Pizza the other day when he mentioned stomach oclock. That got me thinking about how decisions are influenced by our physical state - our tummies growling and our energy levels dropping and what this means for how we run our businesses....

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23 Sep 2013

The secret to business is knowing how to move elephants

In their wonderful change management book Switch Dan and Chip Heath popularised a metaphor first used in Jonathan Haidts The Happiness Hypothesis. Describing the two types of thinking both you and your customers use to navigate the world as The Elephant and the Rider, the metaphor is one of the most powerful tools Ive come across to explain where businesses typically go wrong in trying to get people to do stuff....

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