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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

18 Apr 2019

Test your behavioural intelligence

Overconfidence is our tendency to think our judgments are better than they actually are. It can lead us to believe we know how to influence others when in fact we don't. So how good are you at anticipating what people will do? Here's your chance to find out...

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04 Apr 2019

The Simplification Paradox

If something is too simple, people don't value it. Too complex, they don't use it. This is what I call the Simplification Paradox...

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21 Mar 2019

A Lazy Susan for business

There's a way to systemitise behavioural influence so you eliminate wasteful effort. Think of it like a Lazy Susan for business effectiveness...

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18 Mar 2019

The perils of listening to customers

As Shoes of Prey discovered, there's a big gap between what they say and what they do...

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07 Mar 2019

Rhythm, rhyme and repetition make a killer jingle

My thoughts on why a business should bother with a jingle...

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04 Mar 2019

Normalise what you want them to do, not what you don't

People will feel comforted if they don't think anyone else is bothering to do what you are asking, so to stimulate a desire to change make them feel they are in the margins instead...

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25 Feb 2019

The Elusive B-Spot

Getting people out of neutral means finding the sweet spot for both tension and effort...

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18 Feb 2019

How expectations change "parformance"

Golfers perform better on a hole when it's called par 4 than par 5 due to loss aversion...

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07 Feb 2019

Unfu*king prioritisation

Alongside the current decluttering and unfu*king ourselves craze sits the perennial issue of prioritisation. The tangle is not at the extremes but the murky middle. ...

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04 Feb 2019

Why people reject change

We've just experienced two public debates that reinforced the essential equation when influencing people to change behaviour; what they gain must exceed what they stand to lose...

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