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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

03 Mar 2014

Shaping your customer's Personal Context

You may have thought it impossible - a way to get into the minds of our customers from the comfort of your seat - but over the past few articles we have been peeling back the layers to see how behavioural economics can do exactly that. So far we have looked at how behaviour is shaped by the Environment you establish and who is around in your customers Social context. Our final instalment in the Customer ESP series looks at how behaviour is influenced by the Personal Context....

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24 Feb 2014

Shaping the Social Context to influence your customers

One of my favourite ads is one that appeared in my gym for Rexona deodorant. Do you sweat more than normal? it asks. And with that, my need to be normal and accepted was triggered. Following on from last weeks discussion of the E in Customer ESP; how the Environment you create for your customer can impact how they behave, lets now look at S for Social Context; how what other people do impacts your customer and why Rexona was on to something. ...

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14 Feb 2014

Shaping the environment to influence your customer

Theres no mistaking when you are in an IKEA store, is there? You cant help but feel a little Swedish as you follow the winding path through a 3D life size version of their catalogue. And thats what todays article is about; how you as a business shape the decision-making environment in order to influence your customers....

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10 Feb 2014

ESP: How to read your customer's mind

Wouldnt it be great to be able to get into the minds of your customers, to really know why they make the decisions they do? Well today is the day. Im about to share a powerful framework that will give you customer ESP....

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03 Feb 2014

When numbers can backfire on you

We see numbers in ad campaigns everywhere, but when can a number backfire on you? ...

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20 Jan 2014

When it comes to pricing, should you start high or low?

All businesses need to make a decision about how to communicate their prices. Is it better to start low and go high, or start high and go low? Lets see what behavioural science suggests....

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16 Dec 2013

Behaving this Christmas

As a way to conclude another years exploration of how Behavioural Economics can be applied to make your business better, I thought Id leave you with a CHRISTMAS list of behavioural biases. Hope you enjoy....

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09 Dec 2013

Self-Disruption: Risking going back to go forward

Why is it so hard to disrupt your own business? Kodak, AOL, Yellow Pages, Dell, Microsoft, Blackberry, Nokia and Blockbuster have all failed, so lets look at the behavioural reasons behind resistance to change....

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02 Dec 2013

Here's why micro-moments matter

Micro-moments are the difference between winning or losing your customer. Let's look at an example and work out who got their micro-moment right....

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25 Nov 2013

Planning for customer impulsivity

Ever planned to eat a healthy meal but found yourself pigging out instead? Heres why and what it means for your business. (And yes, thats me as a child pigging out on ice-cream)....

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