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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

15 Sep 2014

Trick yourself into new healthy habits

Today Id like to talk about how we can trick ourselves into taking action without having to rely on motivation to do so, and illustrate with three things Ive recently changed in my life to improve my health. ...

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08 Sep 2014

Stop wasting money on motivating your customers

If you dont believe you dont act. So said a well-known motivational speaker at a recent seminar I attended. But its far from the whole story and heres why....

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01 Sep 2014

Four questions to answer any behavioural challenge

Lifes never dull in my line of work. I get to meet new people all the time and find out about the challenges and frustrations they are grappling with in their business. The interesting thing has been that no matter what the project, the path to the answers is the same. It starts with these four questions....

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25 Aug 2014

There's a little bit of bad in all of us

Back in June storms caused significant damage to a section of bayside boardwalk in Melbourne. Due to debris and unsafe conditions the council took decisive action and blocked off the walkway with signage and fencing. So why most mornings do I see people going out of their way to circumvent the barricade, and what does this tell us about behaviour?...

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18 Aug 2014

To change customer behaviour, think small

Optimise the transaction and work out from there gets to the heart of how to make something behaviourally effective. To influence someone to change their behaviour you must zone in on the moment of impact - the moment where they can choose to take action or not....

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11 Aug 2014

Why 5:2 beats 80/80 in changing behaviour

The 5:2 Diet has become very popular, in part because it is easy to understand. So will a new campaign by a tea manufacturer to train us how to brew the perfect cup be as effective in getting people to change behaviour?...

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04 Aug 2014

Why Pay-What-You-Want Pricing May Not Be as Crazy as it Seems

Imagine you are about to check out from your overnight stay at a hotel in Paris. You get to the counter and the receptionist smiles and asks how much would you like to pay? Say what? A hotel where you can choose to pay what you want? Are they crazy? Non, mon amie. Heres why....

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28 Jul 2014

The strangeness of consumer decision-making

So this shopper visited a well-known retailer looking to buy an Apple TV. The advertised price was $107 but knowing this retailer was open to price matching the shopper did an online search while in store and found it available at a competitor for $89. Find out what happened next and why it explains a lot about consumer decision-making....

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21 Jul 2014

6 Lessons from Pandora's box of behavioural tricks

Online music streaming service Pandora have turned what could have been a major irritation for customers into a service. Heres how....

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14 Jul 2014

How Quitting is good business

If you think getting a customer to buy something is hard, how about getting almost half a million people to stop using something they have grown up with? By any measure journalist and author Sarah Wilsons I Quit Sugar movement is a lesson in behaviour change, so after attending a talk she gave last week I thought Id share some ideas on how you can influence people to change by using tension in the right way. ...

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