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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

18 Aug 2014

To change customer behaviour, think small

Optimise the transaction and work out from there gets to the heart of how to make something behaviourally effective. To influence someone to change their behaviour you must zone in on the moment of impact - the moment where they can choose to take action or not....

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11 Aug 2014

Why 5:2 beats 80/80 in changing behaviour

The 5:2 Diet has become very popular, in part because it is easy to understand. So will a new campaign by a tea manufacturer to train us how to brew the perfect cup be as effective in getting people to change behaviour?...

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04 Aug 2014

Why Pay-What-You-Want Pricing May Not Be as Crazy as it Seems

Imagine you are about to check out from your overnight stay at a hotel in Paris. You get to the counter and the receptionist smiles and asks how much would you like to pay? Say what? A hotel where you can choose to pay what you want? Are they crazy? Non, mon amie. Heres why....

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28 Jul 2014

The strangeness of consumer decision-making

So this shopper visited a well-known retailer looking to buy an Apple TV. The advertised price was $107 but knowing this retailer was open to price matching the shopper did an online search while in store and found it available at a competitor for $89. Find out what happened next and why it explains a lot about consumer decision-making....

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21 Jul 2014

6 Lessons from Pandora's box of behavioural tricks

Online music streaming service Pandora have turned what could have been a major irritation for customers into a service. Heres how....

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14 Jul 2014

How Quitting is good business

If you think getting a customer to buy something is hard, how about getting almost half a million people to stop using something they have grown up with? By any measure journalist and author Sarah Wilsons I Quit Sugar movement is a lesson in behaviour change, so after attending a talk she gave last week I thought Id share some ideas on how you can influence people to change by using tension in the right way. ...

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07 Jul 2014

Two stumbling blocks when trying to persuade customers

When you stop to think about it everything in business boils down to influencing people to change their behaviour. From browsing to buying, from reading to clicking, from not investing to stumping up money. That means most of us spend our time and energy trying to convince people that change is worthwhile. The bad news is that many are going about it the wrong way. The good news is there is a solution....

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27 Jun 2014

Why you should ignore what customers say they want

If my previous life as a product manager taught me anything, it was to largely ignore what people told me they wanted. It sounds arrogant I know, but it turns out that all of us - customers included - are really bad at predicting our own behaviour. As a business that means you can risk making the wrong decision based what customers say theyll do rather than what they actually will....

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20 Jun 2014

Getting the horse to drink - how to increase website conversion

A lot of the frustration felt today by business owners is captured in the saying You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink. The frustration is borne out of us feeling like weve been doing a lot to get customers to notice us but for some reason failing to get them to take action once they have. Its about time we worked out how to make the horse drink....

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16 Jun 2014

Using points of positive friction to engage your customer

Heres a genius example of deliberately adding friction to a product to benefit the customer....

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