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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

11 May 2015

Behavioural lessons from the big breakfast

Lets test our behavioural skills with an in the wild example. What could this business have done differently to make its Big Breakfast offer even more enticing?...

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04 May 2015

How I overcame my fear of cold calling

It just doesnt come easily to me, calling people and interrupting their day. Whether its my introverted nature or star sign, I have always had a mental block against cold calling - so heres what I did....

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27 Apr 2015

Loyalty program campaigns: How to motivate customers to take action

Imagine you are part way through a task. Will you be more motivated to complete the task if I tell you are 67% through, or you have 33% to go? What about your customers?...

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20 Apr 2015

Should you offer free advice? Should you take it?

Why are we more likely to follow advice when we have to pay for it? This was the question posed by a reader recently who was curious about why customers are more likely to change their behaviour when they have to pay for it....

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13 Apr 2015

Three mistakes to avoid when trying to change habits

If you have just experienced the end of Daylight Savings its likely the change has heightened your awareness of your sleeping patterns and daily habits, and that means its the perfect time to reset yourself for the year ahead. But before you sign up to the gym, switch to a Paleo diet or join the new meditation class here are three mistakes to avoid when making and breaking habits....

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02 Apr 2015

Using the end of Daylight Savings to your advantage

This Sunday marks the end of Daylight Savings, which means clocks go back one hour. Here's an idea about using that warp in time to your advantage....

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30 Mar 2015

Lessons from public urination

Two interesting signs have been doing the behavioural rounds recently. Both attempt to stop the disgusting problem of public urination and believe it or not, are helpful examples of how to modify customer behaviour....

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23 Mar 2015

The Mary Poppins principle

The character Mary Poppins famously sang A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, and some behavioural research suggests that Mary might not only have convinced the kids to swallow their medicine, but been on the money when it comes to getting people to do tough stuff. Heres why....

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16 Mar 2015

Will facts or feelings get a higher sales price?

Imagine you are selling an apartment. Should you emphasise the rational benefits, size for instance, or play up the emotion, like breathtaking views? Some recent research sheds light on how what we say impacts what our customers are willing to pay....

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09 Mar 2015

How to predict customer behaviour

Excavating my new backyard recently and I found a whole lot of paving that had been overrun by grass. It struck me that this is not dissimilar to how we typically look at those we are trying to influence - we have based our assumptions on the grass we see before us when if we dig a little deeper well find a whole pattern of robust pavers just waiting to make our lives easier....

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