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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

23 Mar 2015

The Mary Poppins principle

The character Mary Poppins famously sang A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, and some behavioural research suggests that Mary might not only have convinced the kids to swallow their medicine, but been on the money when it comes to getting people to do tough stuff. Heres why....

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16 Mar 2015

Will facts or feelings get a higher sales price?

Imagine you are selling an apartment. Should you emphasise the rational benefits, size for instance, or play up the emotion, like breathtaking views? Some recent research sheds light on how what we say impacts what our customers are willing to pay....

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09 Mar 2015

How to predict customer behaviour

Excavating my new backyard recently and I found a whole lot of paving that had been overrun by grass. It struck me that this is not dissimilar to how we typically look at those we are trying to influence - we have based our assumptions on the grass we see before us when if we dig a little deeper well find a whole pattern of robust pavers just waiting to make our lives easier....

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02 Mar 2015

How font size can impact your sales conversion

Imagine you are a retailer who is running a sale. You are about to have your point of sale printed and are madly cobbling together what you want your sign to say to maximise its impact. Without thinking twice you ensure the discounted price is the biggest thing on the page. After all, thats what is going to grab customer attention, right? Whoops. You may have just botched it....

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23 Feb 2015

Is Behavioural Economics applicable to B2B as well?

When asked whether Behavioural Economics (BE) applies to Business-to-Business (B2B) well as Business-to-Consumer (B2C), people are people has been my response. At least it used to be....

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16 Feb 2015

Impact of black & white vs. colour advertisements

Amongst the myriad design decisions you have to make when creating an ad, website or piece of collateral is what colour should you use? Or more specifically, should you use colour at all? ...

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13 Feb 2015

Rethinking four website conventions that may be harming conversion

There are four common website conventions that risk undermining your conversions so with the framework of behavioural science it is time to challenge standard practice and rethink how best to get your visitors to take action. ...

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09 Feb 2015

Should you list your prices or keep them guessing?

I was reminded recently of an article I read about a jewellery store that chose not to display any of its prices. Buyers would stop, see a piece they liked and enter the store where the assistant would then be in a position to sell the value. Or so the theory goes....

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02 Feb 2015

Don't get sucked back into old habits

We're weeks into the new year already. How are you going with your plans to do things differently? You may have found, despite good intentions when you were on holidays, that old habits have reasserted themselves and you've slotted right back into the old patterns of behaviour. If that's you, here are three tips for to help you make or break habits....

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30 Jan 2015

Recap of January's habit tip of the day

To kick off the new year I posted a tip on habits each day at the same time (yes, consistency is one of the keys). Heres a recap working back from the most recent tip....

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