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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

23 Feb 2015

Is Behavioural Economics applicable to B2B as well?

When asked whether Behavioural Economics (BE) applies to Business-to-Business (B2B) well as Business-to-Consumer (B2C), people are people has been my response. At least it used to be....

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16 Feb 2015

Impact of black & white vs. colour advertisements

Amongst the myriad design decisions you have to make when creating an ad, website or piece of collateral is what colour should you use? Or more specifically, should you use colour at all? ...

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13 Feb 2015

Rethinking four website conventions that may be harming conversion

There are four common website conventions that risk undermining your conversions so with the framework of behavioural science it is time to challenge standard practice and rethink how best to get your visitors to take action. ...

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09 Feb 2015

Should you list your prices or keep them guessing?

I was reminded recently of an article I read about a jewellery store that chose not to display any of its prices. Buyers would stop, see a piece they liked and enter the store where the assistant would then be in a position to sell the value. Or so the theory goes....

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02 Feb 2015

Don't get sucked back into old habits

We're weeks into the new year already. How are you going with your plans to do things differently? You may have found, despite good intentions when you were on holidays, that old habits have reasserted themselves and you've slotted right back into the old patterns of behaviour. If that's you, here are three tips for to help you make or break habits....

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30 Jan 2015

Recap of January's habit tip of the day

To kick off the new year I posted a tip on habits each day at the same time (yes, consistency is one of the keys). Heres a recap working back from the most recent tip....

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15 Dec 2014

One stop shop review of articles from 2014

Weve covered a lot of behavioural ground during the course of 2014. As a way of wrapping up the year, heres an overview of the key themes Ive covered with links to some of the most popular pieces. Think of it like a quick guide to applied behavioural science....

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08 Dec 2014

Behavioural economies of scale

When putting the content together for two seemingly unrelated presentations recently I was again reminded of the flexibility and tantalising economies of scale when it comes to behavioural economics. You see by understanding the behavioural principle underpinning what people do, we can apply it to any circumstance - a website, a pitch, a customer service call, a marketing campaign...even our own habits. Heres why......

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01 Dec 2014

Use it or lose it: Two examples of loss aversion from the field

A couple of short and sharp examples of Loss Aversion from the market place this week, one in which it is used to acquire customers and the other to retain. ...

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24 Nov 2014

It's how that's the problem

Simon Sinek in his wonderful TED talk (viewed by over 18.8m) grapples with the modern workers search for meaning. When it comes to work its not what we do or how we do it that alludes us, but why. And yet in my experience when it comes to managing our own wellbeing the reverse is true....

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