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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

14 Sep 2015

Why job interviews are a waste of time

Years ago I heard someone suggest that to get to know a candidate, conduct the job interview while they drive you around the block. It sounded crazy, but maybe it's the answer we've been looking for....

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07 Sep 2015

You've been primed! Will Smith shows us how to influence the subconscious.

Will Smith gave aliens a lesson, and now he's given us one about priming subconscious behaviour....

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24 Aug 2015

Actually, life isn't busier than ever before. We've just forgotten.

Life was so much easier back then. Really? How we distort our reality and what time-shfting biases mean for us....

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17 Aug 2015

How a poster changed shopper behaviour

How to get shoppers eating in the food court before 12pm? With some crafty posters of course!...

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10 Aug 2015

Brilliant or crazy to offer unlimited annual leave?

Triggertrap took the plunge and offered unlimited annual leave, but it backfired. Instead of taking too much, staff didnt take enough. Heres why....

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03 Aug 2015

Why we're greedy today, graceful tomorrow

Turns out, we dont know ourselves very well. By that I mean what we think well want in the future can be very different to what we actually want when we get there. Heres why....

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27 Jul 2015

How can it go so wrong when research says it's right?

Two companies. Two well intended product changes. Two expensive and embarrassing examples of how failing to understand real-world behaviour can backfire....

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20 Jul 2015

To sell more quickly, round your prices

Lets say you want to move some stock quickly. How do you let your buyer know that you are open to negotiating? According to some recent research, it could be as easy rounding your price....

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13 Jul 2015

4 ways to motivate the unmotivated

How do you motivate the unmotivated?...

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06 Jul 2015

How to pluck low hanging fruit

Problems become low hanging fruit once theyve been solved. Heres why behavioural science can help you pluck the low hanging fruit that you might not have spotted before....

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