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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

18 Apr 2016

Building better loyalty programs

Despite all the brains and bucks that go into loyalty programs, they are hard to get right and easy to get wrong if recent experience is anything to go by....

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11 Apr 2016

Why certainty is a big deal

There's a certain way to kill conversion; uncertainty. Let's look at why and what to do about it....

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21 Mar 2016

Disconnecting the pain of payment

One energy retailer believes they've come up with a game changing method of reducing bill shock. Here's what else their plan might do...

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14 Mar 2016

Pre-peeled oranges are not nuts

Wholefoods' venture into pre-peeled oranges was short-lived despite being a good idea. Let's look at why ...

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07 Mar 2016

The ultimate heads-up on getting messages right

It matters whether you carry a rational message above or below an emotional one. Here's why...

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29 Feb 2016

Why this sign sucks if you are late for a train

What points of friction are slowing your customer down?...

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22 Feb 2016

One green bottle...Turns out it should have been amber

The Say vs Do gap strikes again - this time with the choice of bottle colour...

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15 Feb 2016

Lose weight by taking a picture? Tangibility's role in behavioural influence.

Researchers have found taking a picture of themselves helped people lose weight. Here's why tangibility is important to understand in behavioural influence...

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08 Feb 2016

Using fasting challenges to change habits

Here's how to convert a fasting-challenge like Febfast, Dry July or Oc-Sober into something more sustainable...

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01 Feb 2016

Using your returns policy to drive sales

What's the net effect of having a returns policy? More sales or just more refunds?...

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