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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

05 Oct 2019

Bending time to your advantage

Sometimes we underestimate our adaptability. We think we’re locked into our habits and it takes a Herculean effort to change our behaviour. But then we go and do this twice a year......

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03 Oct 2019

Guilty until proven innocent

Why a US judge shakes the hand of each defendant before each trial begins, and why you and your customers may be at cross-purposes....

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19 Sep 2019

Deciding isn't enough

I've noticed a lot of importance is placed on DECIDING, like that's the end game. I'm more interested in that mysterious space between DECIDING and DOING - you know, where you change your mind or never get around to that thing you promised to do? I reckon it's time we looked down the back of the behavioural couch to see what treasures are revealed....

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05 Sep 2019

More information isn't the answer

Three ideas in this post: 1. More information and more training rarely make people act 2. "To inform" is a lazy objective that shifts the onus from you to your customer 3. Informing is boring. For people to bother, reward must exceed effort. ...

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02 Sep 2019

Pushing past the lull

When running professional or personal projects, we get excited, spend money preparing ourselves for the journey ahead, maybe even tell people how great it's going to be. Then, all too soon, we hit a roadblock...

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22 Aug 2019

The scourge of shitty emails

The scourge of the inbox is the ineffective "ask". You know, those emails where people want you to do something but they've asked in the wrong way? They are infecting every inbox, every hour, so here are some ideas on how to make sure you write right...

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08 Aug 2019

Saving a doomed product rollout

The problem with offering only one option is it becomes a Yes/No decision. By introducing a second or third, you move your customer away from "no thanks" and towards "which one"...

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25 Jul 2019

The Knife Through Butter approach to behavioural influence

A knife only cuts through butter if you've made sure the butter is sufficiently warm. Same with customers. They won't take action unless you've warmed them up too...

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25 Jul 2019

How to survive an incompetent leader

If you are a diligent worker surrounded by, or even lead by, incompetent fools I have some insights to share with you...

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11 Jul 2019

The Lily Pad Lesson: 4 ways to overcome apathy

Four ways to overcome customer apathy. Some less effective than others, and one is the best by far....

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