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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

19 Sep 2016

Four things this airline does to influence customers

How one cut-price airline are influencing customer's to buy more...

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12 Sep 2016

Acoustic encoding and other tricks to get into your customer's brain

Science suggests you can gain share of mind by using language in a deliberate way....

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05 Sep 2016

Salvaging the sale when your stakeholder leaves

What do you do when your key stakeholder leaves, and your project risks ending up in limbo...

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29 Aug 2016

Ditch loyalty. Build for habits.

I'm stick of hearing about loyalty. It's a fool's errand. Instead you should be focused on habits....

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22 Aug 2016

5 ways to ensure you influence customer choices

Insurance is one of the most challenging products in market. For marketers it is highly regulated, competitive and price driven, and for consumers, undifferentiated, complex and begrudged. That makes it perfect to scrutinise for some lessons in behavioural influence....

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15 Aug 2016

Hidden reasons why your customers aren't buying

We don't see reasons for customers not buying because they are camouflaged....

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08 Aug 2016

Inside the Coke bubble

Two lessons from my career at Coca-Cola have stayed with me about behavioural influence....

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01 Aug 2016

Why do we make it hard for ourselves?

Feel like you are hitting your head against a brick well? This is why....

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25 Jul 2016

Theft from self-service checkouts and what it means for your business

There are four conditions that make dishonesty more likely. ...

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18 Jul 2016

Spinning plates while the Titanic sinks

Tony Seba recently outlined how four changes to transport and energy will impact our lives. Which made me think, if so many industries are being disrupted, why are so many businesses spinning plates?...

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