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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

06 Feb 2017

The behavioural economics of online dating

Tricks the online dating sites use to get people to pay...

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30 Jan 2017

To sell more, smile less?

It's good to smile, right? Not always...

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23 Jan 2017

What tennis tells us about why customers don't buy

The difference between a first and second serve teaches us a lot about how customers perceive risk...

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15 Dec 2016

Recap of all blog posts in 2016: Most read, most important, most personal

All 2016's insights in one place, including how behavioural science can be applied to sales, pricing, loyalty, innovation, market research, habits and more...

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05 Dec 2016

How smells, sounds and spaces influence what people do

Time to look at how cues we design in the customer's environment can change behaviour...

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28 Nov 2016

How a leading online retailer influences customer behaviour

Birdsnest are doing a lot of things right, including addressing two important forms of tensions...

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21 Nov 2016

How to develop empathy

This was the one ingredient I had overlooked in behavioural influence...

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14 Nov 2016

Good buy today, pay tomorrow

A new payment facility is hitting the behavioural sweet spot for consumers and retailers...

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03 Nov 2016

Why asking isn't enough if you want answers

Why we're drowning in data but still short on answers...

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02 Nov 2016

Where behavioural economics fits in the customer insight landscape (interview)

My thoughts on where behavioural economics fits in the customer insight landscape....

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