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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

21 Aug 2017

Where we've gone wrong in influencing customer behaviour

What is has not necessarily always been. Why two specific assumptions about behaviour have lead us astray. ...

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14 Aug 2017

Late fees vs. on-time discounts, which drives more effective behaviour?

A library scrapped late fees, and something surprising happened...

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07 Aug 2017

How to re-set yourself right now

A two step process for re-setting yourself for the year...

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31 Jul 2017

Better isn't always the answer

Just being better is not enough. To win in your market you have to displace the status quo....

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24 Jul 2017

The Salviati approach to business growth

Leaving gaps can be a good thing...

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17 Jul 2017

What nervous shoppers pay attention to

New research has revealed that uncertain customers focus on different things to those who are more confident...

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10 Jul 2017

The lighthouse approach to productivity

How a bestselling author and quirky Icelandic singer get themselves to work....

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03 Jul 2017

The Red Bull Effect: How product names impact behaviour

New research has found people feel drunker if told their cocktail includes Red Bull. Let's look at how framing and language can impact you customer's behaviour...

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22 Jun 2017

Five golden rules for getting your letters and emails read

Obama, JFK and Steve Jobs are known as masters of audience engagement. See how they did it and get your emails and letters read using these five behavioural techniques....

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22 Jun 2017

TV interview: Myer trialing clearance centres

Department store Myer is taking on Amazon by creating clearance stores. Will it work?...

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