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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

22 Sep 2017

Technology has changed behaviour...or has it?

I recently spoke to a large, multi disciplinary PR firm on the topic of technology and human behaviour. To kick off I borrowed a couple of quotes from industry commentators that I felt summed up how a lot of business owners and marketers are feeling right now....

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21 Sep 2017

Top 10 behavioural INFLUENCES

With over 150 biases and heuristics that influence behaviour it's worth going back to the basics of how to get people to take action. Here are my top 10 behavioural INFLUENCES...

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18 Sep 2017

Future retrospection: Reach your goals by thinking backwards

Our ability to bring two time horizons together might be the secret to fulfilling potential...

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11 Sep 2017

An introvert's guide to public speaking

As an introvert who speaks publicly for a living I thought I'd share some of my tips for those who want to shake off the shackles of shyness and take the mic...

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04 Sep 2017

How to influence an answer

A recent public policy debate has shone a light on the importance of framing a message in a persuasive way...

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28 Aug 2017

Customers are influenced by the device they use

Consumer usage trends point to a user preference for mobile. But when trying to convince customers to buy, is desktop more important?...

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21 Aug 2017

Where we've gone wrong in influencing customer behaviour

What is has not necessarily always been. Why two specific assumptions about behaviour have lead us astray. ...

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14 Aug 2017

Late fees vs. on-time discounts, which drives more effective behaviour?

A library scrapped late fees, and something surprising happened...

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07 Aug 2017

How to re-set yourself right now

A two step process for re-setting yourself for the year...

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31 Jul 2017

Better isn't always the answer

Just being better is not enough. To win in your market you have to displace the status quo....

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