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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

19 Feb 2018

There's nothing harder than soft skills

Pilots have a manual to fly a plane, so where's the manual to influence a human being?...

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12 Feb 2018

Why longer gift card expirations are bad for consumers

On paper, extending gift card expirations seems a win for consumers, protecting them from wasting over $2 million a year in unused vouchers. But that's not what the behavioural science suggests...

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05 Feb 2018

Focus on "how" not "why" to change behaviour

Oslo banned cars but didn't go well. So here's what they did instead...

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26 Jan 2018

The Hawk-Eye approach to customer complaints

The Hawk-Eye system has reduced player propensity to get angry at lines people. There's a lesson in that about how we handle customer complaints...

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22 Jan 2018

To change customer behaviour, find the angles

Using behavioural techniques to avoid reactance and overcome inertia...

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05 Jan 2018

The behavioural economics of test match cricket

Test match cricket intrigues me. In an age of fast food convenience and short attention we have the equivalent of a slow cooked meal that can take up to five days to be concluded. Even then the result might be one where there is no result. Talk about irrational! But what a great platform for looking at the game we are all playing everyday that requires patience, strategy and perseverance; the cricket of buying behaviour....

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03 Jan 2018

Habit tips by personality type

Tips on how to change habits according to your personality type...

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03 Jan 2018

Radio interview: What can't you go a day without?

Can't go without your morning coffee? In this interview Bri discusses why rituals have such meaning and what it means for habit change....

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26 Dec 2017

Radio interview: Why are some products too good to use?

Research has finally explained why we save some products for special occasions, and never end up using them!...

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18 Dec 2017

Happy behavioural C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S.

Christmas behaviour explained like never before...

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