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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

23 Jul 2020

It's natural, but is it acceptable?

We are wired to in-group and out-group people, and the rationale for groupings can be as flimsy as a coin toss or shared birthday. The good news is that means we don't have to work hard at all to bring people into the fold...

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09 Jul 2020

Let's talk behavioural models

Myriad models to use, so which to choose? What makes a behaviour model worth using, and which one should you use? Here's an overview, along with an anecdote about how I ended up on the cover of 4 million books!!!...

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23 Jun 2020

Why we're all a little like Trump

The Ostrich effect means we are prone to avoiding bad news. In work and in life, how do we tackle uncomfortable news head-on rather than acting like Trump?...

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12 Jun 2020

Nudgestock 2020

Bits and bobs from my presentation at Nudgestock 2020...

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11 Jun 2020

Nanette-ing your approach to influence

Hannah Gadsby masterfully deconstructed comedy in her show "Nanette", lifting the veil on the art of tension and release. As people who need to get buy-in from others, we share more in common with comedians than we may think...

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28 May 2020

Moderate or eliminate?

When modifying your habits, should you moderate or eliminate? You are probably wired one way or the other, so play to your strengths...

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14 May 2020

Best 5 TED talks on behaviour change

I talk through the best 5 TED talks on behaviour change and behavioural economics, and includes my highlights, take-outs and out takes ...

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30 Apr 2020

Once we're in it, how do we exit?

As thinking turns to life after lockdown, it's timely to consider the merits of a gradual vs. abrupt re-entry. Plus, let's acknowledge that while some people are worried about life not returning to 'normal', some of worry that it will...

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16 Apr 2020

The other reason you are so tired right now

Anxiety and stress are playing their part, but you may be tired because you are also thinking more than you have had to in awhile. Your System 1 is curled up in the corner, leaving energy-sapping System 2 to run the show...

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02 Apr 2020

Why bother with this appalling invoice right now?

In sharing this story of the invoice, my hope is I have made the abstractions of human behaviour and your role in influencing it, more concrete. Especially at a time like this, don't miss the opportunity to get behavioural influence right...

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