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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

24 Sep 2018

How traffic noise increased car insurance payments 11%

That background hum your customer hears may be impacting whether they buy from you...

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14 Sep 2018

BE and segmentation - do we need both?

In a hyper-personalised, data-driven world, segments of one will become a reality. The only way to devise effective marketing at scale is to start with a roadmap of similarities, not differences and that's what behavioural economics provides...

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10 Sep 2018

How to get LinkedIn prospecting messages right

Failing to get traction from LinkedIn messages? Getting annoyed with how people approach you? Let's look at what you should and shouldn't do when introducing yourself...

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31 Aug 2018

How to make behavioural economics a habit

Knowing about behavioural economics is one thing, applying it is another. To create a habit around using BE requires overcoming your own resistance and identifying triggers to remind you to act...

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27 Aug 2018

Don't be cagey about pricing

Seems not all e-commerce retailers have got the message yet...

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20 Aug 2018

How to embed ethical practices: The Ethics Alliance

I was invited to talk about how to embed values and principles by the Ethics Alliance...

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17 Aug 2018

What if I give you five oranges?

Value is relative not absolute, so unless you create a frame of reference for your customer, you will struggle to get the results you deserve...

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13 Aug 2018

Coles' Little Shop Collectibles: WTF?

Why are customers responding so positively to a promotion that, to be frank, seems stupid?...

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03 Aug 2018

Three truths about how people respond to information

Customers come with baggage. Not only do they understand the world through a story they've written for themselves, they are the hero of that story and a hero who is battery-powered...

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30 Jul 2018

Why misspelling a name is more of a problem than you realise

A past manager misspelled my name. Here's why that's an issue...

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