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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

02 Apr 2020

Why bother with this appalling invoice right now?

In sharing this story of the invoice, my hope is I have made the abstractions of human behaviour and your role in influencing it, more concrete. Especially at a time like this, don't miss the opportunity to get behavioural influence right...

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19 Mar 2020

Living in a snow globe that has been violently shaken

It feels like we're living in a snow globe that has been violently shaken. While things will eventually settle, we are in the midst of being rattled to our core by COVID-19...

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17 Feb 2020

Lazy tax is lazy business

Relying on customer inertia is lazy business. There's a smarter way, which one utilities provider just proved...

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06 Feb 2020

Recipe-culture is ruining business

Recipe-culture is ruining business. We follow rather than forge. Replicate rather than create. Instead, by learning the fundamentals you can become fully free and take charge of whatever you want to cook up...

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22 Jan 2020

When the desire to change in the new year fades

As we roll out of January, chances are we've already drifted from plans we had to make changes. Let's use a quirk in this year's leap year calendar to galvanise your plans to do things differently in 2020...

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12 Dec 2019

2019 articles

All my 2019 newsletter and Smartcompany articles in one place...

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28 Nov 2019

Think bigger than that

A health app that was built around behavioural economics went bust, not because it failed to influence users but because it failed to influence investors. When using BE, we need to turn the hose on ourselves. The power is not to just use it "in" the business, but "on" the business (and yourself) too...

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14 Nov 2019

The fastest way to make your priority someone else's too

Why should someone bother to contribute to your project? Why would your priority become theirs? It's a challenge in most businesses but by combining behavioural techniques and personality profiles we can finally crack the priority nut....

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31 Oct 2019

Don't tell me what to do (if you want me to do it)

Ever have the urge to do the opposite of what is being suggested? That's called "reactance", our tendency to bristle against attempts to constrain our freedom. You are likely to cop the brunt of someone else's reactance anytime you sell a "should do" - that means implications for workplaces, websites, health behaviours and yes, even parenting...

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17 Oct 2019

Garages used to be for cars

It hurts us to deny ourselves. To give up. To destroy our work. No wonder work and life have become bloated. What we need are more, not fewer, constraints...

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