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Seminar: Websites that work...

Get the facts on what will make your website succeed

  • Before spending money on a new website design know what it is that you should be asking for.
  • Arm yourself with the knowledge of what works and what doesn't so you can get what you need rather than what your designer wants.

As a business owner we place a lot of faith in website designers and developers to know what it takes for our sites to be effective. Unfortunately an appalling average rate of conversion in Australia of less than 5% tells us there's a gap between the sites we're sold and what actually works.

The reason is that very few designers apply behavioural psychology to their designs. They use templates and follow tired conventions which you can't challenge because you don't know any better.

As a result your brand new site might look pretty but not actually persuade your customers to take action.

The answer lies in Behavioural Optimisation.

In this 2 hour seminar you will get clarity on exactly what you should and should not have on your site. You'll know what colour your buttons should be, whether your should use animations and videos, what type of copy works and much, much more.

We'll cover:

  • Common mistakes web designers make that end up costing you
  • Latest behavioural science underpinning persuasion
  • 5 easy to apply principles of behaviourally effective websites
  • How to craft a winning value proposition

And I'll even be providing pizza so you can learn on a full stomach.

Date, location and pricing

Date: If you would like to hear when the next seminar is scheduled please email

Location: The workshop is usually held in Mount Eliza, Victoria about 50 minutes from Melbourne's CBD. The session is deliberately held in a relaxed, natural environment to stimulate fresh thinking and enhance your engagement learning. (Not in Melbourne or want a team session? Contact me here to discuss options.)

Pricing: Pricing will be announced at the time the next session is scheduled.

Who should attend?

If you are thinking about a new website then this seminar is for you. Don't spend money on a new website just to get the same results - know what to look for so you can get the most out of your design and development teams.

To ask any questions, call Bri on 03 9787 0872.

About your facilitator

Bri Williams is a Behavioural Specialist and the Managing Director of People Patterns, a consultancy specialising in the application of behavioural science to personal and business effectiveness. Website effectiveness has become a significant part of Bri's work because there's no better demonstration of how well you can influence behaviour than rates of conversion. Bri has no affiliation with a web design firm so you are getting impartial, science-based thinking with no strings attached.

...the number of people signing up for my newsletters has doubled while my conversion rate has increased by half over again. Bri has made a big difference to how people interact with my website. I would definitely recommend her!"


Elizabeth Ball
It's In The Stars

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