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BE for Business

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Behavioural Economics for Business

The science of getting people to take action 

Best selling books like Nudge, Predictably Irrational and Thinking Fast and Slow have put Behavioural Economics on the business radar.

While making this emerging field of behavioural science accessible, the time has come for a book to show those in business how to apply Behavioural Economics to real world business issues.

Behavioural Economics for Business is the answer. 

The only book of its kind, it's the book I was hoping someone would write. Who knew it would be me?

Just finished your “Behavioural Economics for Business” book (read it twice already). It is really practical and I will be using it to help improve our customer engagement programs and staff development. Loved it!


Allan Godfrey
Royal Life Saving Society WA

Business is about changing behaviour

No matter what business you are in, your job is to change behaviour; the behaviour of customers, suppliers, staff, investors and stakeholders.

Unfortunately we've been trying to do this in the wrong way.

In Behavioural Economics for Business you will learn:

  • The three mistakes we've been making when trying to influence behaviour
  • The role of Behavioural Economics
  • A new model for behaviour change
  • How to overcome the three main barriers to change; Apathy, Paralysis and Anxiety
  • How to Behavioural Economics applies to;
    • B2B and B2C 
    • Customer Insights
    • Pricing
    • Acquisition
    • Retention
    • Website Design
    • People management
    • Strategy
    • Innovation

How to get a copy

The 240 page book is available in print and PDF versions.

Print edition $29.95 incl GST

  • In Australia: The print edition can be ordered directly from Bri Williams for $29.95 with FREE shipping (details here) or you can buy through Amazon.
  • Rest of the world: Available through Amazon.
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PDF edition $14.99 incl GST

  • The PDF version is available instantly for only $14.99 AUD. Click here to buy and you'll be sent a link to download the book immediately.

About the Author

Behavioural Economics for Business is the third book by Behavioural Specialist Bri Williams. Bri was the first in Australia to establish a consultancy specialising in the application of Behavioural Economics to business and personal effectiveness, and since 2011 has worked with a range of large and small businesses on making life easier through behavioural science.