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Welcome to my new website

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Hello and welcome to the new online home for my behavioural consultancy, People Patterns. I am thrilled to introduce you to the site and a few of the key features;

New address with my name in lights

From here on life gets a bit easier - you only have to remember my name. The site address is to reinforce that you are exchanging ideas with me rather than an anonymous collective. But don't worry, will get you here as well.

Buying Behaviour: Driving business results through behavioural science

Everything I do can be captured in two words: Buying Behaviour. Buying Behaviour is the science of the behaviour involved in buying something - a product, service or idea, and Buying Behaviour is a reminder that everything we do in business - going to market with our ideas, products or services is meant to generate a return on our investment. We are buying the behaviour.

I deliver Buying Behaviour solutions in three areas;

Explanation of what I do, and can do for you

The main reason for the launch of this beautiful new site is that I wanted to provide greater information about how I do and can help businesses like yours. The What, How and Whotabs at the top of the site serve this purpose. As for Why, let's just say if you are not using techniques from behavioural science in your business then you are doing things the hard way! Get in touch by emailing me and stop wasting interactions with your buyers.

Blog archive

My blogspot site has served me well over the last couple of years, so the most recent and popular posts have made the journey with me to this site. From here on this site will be all you need to read my latest postings but in case you are looking for an older post you can still visit and search my freshly retired blogsite here.

A big thanks to my web developer, Nick Jerrat and his team at Publish My Web who have been supportive, instructive and committed to launching my online presence, and to my many friends and colleagues who provided feedback and testing.

If you have any comments, don't hesitate to share your thoughts below or drop me a line via email or phone.

Thanks, Bri