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Using the end of Daylight Savings to your advantage

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Sunday marks the end of Daylight Savings, which means clocks go back one hour.

Therefore if you are used to waking up at 6.30am it will feel like waking up at 7.30am instead. "Bliss!" you say.

Sure. But short lived bliss.

Instead why not think of this as a perfect opportunity to work with your body clock and keep getting up at the same 'body cycle' time? i.e. getting up at 5.30 but it still feels like 6.30 because that's what you're used to.

In that hour (or even if we compromise and just make it 30 minutes) you can do whatever it is you've been promising yourself you'll do.

Exercise is perhaps the most obvious, but gardening, painting, cleaning, sorting, cooking... Whatever you want to fit in but haven't found how. It's like you've found the FREE TIME you never had.

You've already done the hard yards at the start of Daylight Savings when your body clock had to recalibrate, so use it now to your advantage.

But Bri, I hear you ask, won't that make me tired at the end of day? Yes! Great! It means you will naturally want to head to bed earlier and it becomes one giant, self-perpetuating loop.

So how 'bout it?


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