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Should you give away free stuff?

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Every business gives away free stuff to a greater or lesser extent. Having a shop or website that people can browse is offering something for free.

As I’ve written before, free is it’s own price point and can work because there’s little downside for your customer in proceeding. This is particularly important if people have to get to know you or your product before they’ll be ready to commit to a purchase (and is why I offer a free newsletter and copy of my book).

Unfortunately, it also means there’s therefore nothing at stake for them, no ‘skin in the game’, and as such they can take it for granted.

Which is why it ends up being a question of conversion. A numbers game.

  • If you offer nothing for free then you have to make sure you are overcoming any resistance to your product or service using other strategies, like Social Norms and Scarcity because your field of prospects will likely be narrowed.
  • By offering something for free you are helping to fill your funnel, but your conversion tactics to convince people to buy have to be spot on because they are anchored at a price point of zero. Your efforts therefore have to be about differentiating the value of your free and paid offers.

If you would like to discuss how to optimise your offer, want to what extent you offer free stuff, get in touch for a no obligation FREE discussion :)

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