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Breaking through Status Quo: How to workshops

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I run smart workshops for smart people. While it’s great to read about behavioural science, nothing beats being shown how to apply it to your specific needs.

I am pleased to announce two new workshops to make your business more immediately effective.

Breaking Through Status Quo Culture workshop

Businesses are rarely short on ideas, but they can be short on the courage to act on them.

In this workshop we address Status Quo Culture, a workplace mindset where sticking to what’s known is placing the future of your business at risk.

Not only does Status Quo bias interfere with decision-making effectiveness and urgency, it is one of the core reasons for staff dissatisfaction and reduced productivity.

In only a few hours you and your team will gain the skills to break through Status Quo Culture. Read more about the workshop here.

Breaking Through Status Quo Customers workshop

Confused or frustrated by customers who procrastinate or refuse to take sound advice? You've been blocked by Status Quo Bias. In this workshop learn what's really getting in the way of the sale by getting into the behavioural mindset of your customer.

If you’ve ever heard statements like these, you will know how Status Quo Bias can negatively impact your business results.

  • “I’m happy with what I have”
  • “Now is just not the right time”
  • “I think I’ll keep looking”
  • “We don’t need to change”

In this workshop I will give you the skills to overcome Status Quo Bias by knowing what really lies beneath customer objections. Read more about the workshop here.