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The Little Book of Pricing and Payment

Getting customers to buy. Getting customers to pay. 

How you represent price is one of the biggest decisions you make as a business, so why risk getting it wrong?

In the (not so little) Little Book of Pricing and Payment, leading behavioural specialist Bri Williams details how to communicate pricing to maximise conversion.

Bringing together the best of behavioural science in 120 entertaining pages, you’ll learn:

  • Whether to sequence your prices from highest or lowest or vice versa
  • Why products for pleasure should be priced differently to those that are functional
  • Whether rounded or non-rounded prices are best
  • The pros and cons of strategies like pay what you want, surge pricing and freemium models
  • How to convert free customers to paid
  • How to increase your fees without losing customers
  • Whether you should offer discounts or impose fees
  • How to get customers to pay on time
  • And much more!  

How to get your copy

Print edition $18.95 incl GST

  • In Australia: The print edition can be ordered directly from Bri Williams for $18.95 with FREE shipping 
  • Rest of the world: Available through Blurb.

PDF edition $9.95 incl GST

  • The PDF version is available for only $9.95 AUD. Click here to buy the book in PDF. You'll be sent a link to download the book immediately.

  • If you don't have a PayPal account, you can purchase through Blurb here.

Ebook edition $4.99

  • ebook is available for Amazon Kindle Fire®, Apple iPad®, Android devices, and Mac or PC computers
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About the author

The Little Book of Pricing and Payment is the sixth book by Behavioural Specialist Bri Williams. Bri was the first in Australia to establish a consultancy specialising in the application of Behavioural Economics to business and personal effectiveness, and since 2011 has worked with a range of large and small businesses on making life easier through behavioural science.