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The Little Book of Habit Change

A resource for health professionals to give to their clients

As a health professional does any of this sound frustratingly familiar?

  • You devise a program for your client but find their commitment falls away
  • Their old habits reassert themselves
  • Your client blames you for not getting results
  • They stop turning up out of shame
  • You've lost a client and no one wins

Habits are at the core of human behaviour, and as a health professional you have the opportunity to help your clients to break old patterns and form new ones. 

The problem is you never get the time to spend with them on their habits because you are so busy during the consultation.

The answer is to give them The Little Book of Habit Change, a simple 30 page book that takes them through:

  • What habits are and why they are important
  • Common mistakes to avoid when trying to change habits
  • A step-by-step worksheet to make habits
  • A step-by-step worksheet to break habits

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You can also preview on the Blurb website here.

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The Little Book of Habit Change is available in quantities of 50 or more, and you can choose to brand with your logo and contact information for as little as 30 cents per book.

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