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Bri explains...


My Top 5 TED talks on behaviour change, including key take outs.


How to enter and exit an 'event' like Covid.

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How to close the gap between the decision and action.

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How to think about where to best expend your effort when influencing behaviour.

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The Lilypad lesson: Four ways to overcome customer apathy


How to remember what you need to do to influence behaviour without having to rely on notes.


The difference between 'job done' and the efficacy of that job.


The three C's of designing a behavioural solution; Capacity, Clarity and Confidence.


Why past behaviour may not be the best predictor of future behaviour.

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Why using your non-preferred hand (or approach to influence) is important.


Bri explains the "behavioural sweet spot" (the B-Spot).


Bri explains the Simplification Paradox.

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Bri explains what we can learn about customer behaviour from the tennis.

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Bri explains the role (and flaws) of motivation when changing habits.


Bri explains that for customers to be bothered, Reward must be greater than Effort.


Bri explains the peak-end rule, and why it gives you less to do.

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Bri explains that knowing behavioural economics is pointless unless you know when to apply it.

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