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Behavioural Intelligence

Behavioural Intelligence is your ability to anticipate and shape behavioural outcomes.

A lower BQ means you are still working on the basis of flawed assumptions about how humans behave. As a result you are likely to experience frustration when working with and through others.

A high BQ means you know that people do not always do the 'rational' thing, and just because something seems logical on paper doesn't mean it will generate the response you require. 

My job is to increase your BQ so you eliminate wasted effort and get more enjoyment from what you do.

Improving your Behavioural Intelligence

Three ways to improve your behavioural intelligence:

  1. Audit your business for gaps with the self-guided Behavioural Gap Identifier tool.
  2. Book BE Coaching or training with Bri.
  3. Read Bri's book, Behavioural Economics for Business or (for a lighter entree) Move the Shampoo.