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Every day we encounter the challenge of influencing behaviour, either our own or someone else's. So here are some tips on how...

03 Apr 2017

When a fashionista goes cold turkey

How to break the habit when it's something you love...

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27 Mar 2017

De-spam your email to increase email conversion

How to avoid your email looking like spam...

Category : Blog & News

20 Mar 2017

Five pitfalls of behavioural economics

There's plenty of upside, but what are the pitfalls of behavioural economics?...

Category : Blog & News

16 Mar 2017

Radio interview: How can you break a bad habit

Radio interview in which I discuss three things you can do to break bad habits...

Category : Blog & News

13 Mar 2017

What signals you are really sending?

Initiatives that may seem trivial impact behaviour more than we realise...

Category : Blog & News

06 Mar 2017

How labels- brand names, product names and your name - shape behaviour

New research suggests your first has even more of an impact than your imagine...

Category : Blog & News

01 Mar 2017

Radio interview: How names shape appearance and expectations

A radio interview in which I discuss research on how names impact expectations...

Category : Blog & News

27 Feb 2017

How to convert customers from free to paid

A web services company recently tried to get me to upgrade from free to paid. Here's why they failed and what they could have done instead...

Category : Blog & News

27 Feb 2017

Radio interview: How do we value each day of the week?

A radio interview in which I discuss how days of the week impact our moods and behaviour...

Category : Blog & News

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