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Behavioural Economics for Business webinar

Ever wondered why people don't do what they say they'll do?

Why customer behaviour is so hard to predict?

Why some days feel like you haven't made any progress at all?

Behavioural Economics for Business is a webinar designed for business owners and leaders who want better results from what they are currently doing, without having to spend more money.

No new widgets. No new products. Just better results by anticipating how customers will react to something you do.

This 60 minute webinar will take you through the what, why and how to apply behavioural economics to common business issues.

By the end of the session you will know

  • What behavioural economics is

  • Why it fills a gap in our understanding of customer behaviour

  • The 3 mistakes we've made when trying to influence behaviour

  • How to analyse and design a solution for any business issue

When it comes to customer behaviour, why guess when you can know?


The next session is on Tuesday 26th July 2016.  Ticketing details are available on Eventbrite here.

Your presenter:

The webinar will be run by one of Australia's leading behavioural specialists, Bri Williams from People Patterns. Bri has worked with businesses of all sizes, including some of Australia's biggest banks and superannuation providers and SMEs across varied industries and was the first to in Australia to establish a consultancy focused on the application of behavioural economics to everyday business and personal effectiveness.

Her presentation kickstarted conversations and adoption of behavioural economics principles for our agency. Truly inspiring, informative and entertaining!

Virginia Pracht, Cummins & Partners

Tickets and pricing:

Tickets are available through Eventbrite.

If you are not satisfied with the webinar I will happily refund your ticket in full.

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